Friday, 30 October 2009

FILM 8: LOVE ACTUALLY - Wuv, wactually

Is there actually a Downing Street 'set'? I mean, they can't have actually let Hugh Grant swan in and out of Number 10, can they? Where is this fake Downing Street? I demand answers.
Oh yes, I'm on the internet. All answers to everything are one google away. And apparently it was built at Shepperton Studios. I forgot they could do that.

Everyone swears very awkwardly in Curtis films don't they? All the swear words are suspiciously well enunciated, like hearing the Queen call someone a ruddy blinking caaaant.
Urgh, the Minpops singing show at the end is a bit vomitous as well. In fact… yes…. I think I'm starting to dislike this film a bit. Oh thank god. That's such a relief. Oh, I see, all the characters have come together to see these children sing and dance, the tapestry is complete. What an intricate web has been woven. And Liam Neeson is telling his son to tell some girl he fancies at school that he loves her. Come on, this is the WORST ADVICE EVER, surely?? Yeah, why not do it in the playground at lunch in front of all of her mates too, go down on one knee while you're there. That's definitely a decision you'll never regret, son. Take it from me.
You're far better off lurking in the shadows, turning over and over in your mind what might have been, watching the more popular and handsome boys take their turn. It's never too early to learn that the odds are stacked against you.

Heh, love the bit where Neeson tells his son to just run through the metal detectors. It's not like airport security are armed WITH GUNS.

There was a bit of speculation that I went quiet because I was enjoying watching Love Actually. This is lies.

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  1. first sign of sleep deprivation or madness with "one" instead of "on"....right I must sleep now, gotta be at the Home Office in the morning... haha