Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 2: 27 Dresses

Wow, this is a surprisingly upsetting film. 45 minutes of Katherin Heigl being really, really miserable while her sister sleeps with her 'perfect boss'. It really is a lot of relentless misery, and very little comedy.

Hmm, I appear to be becoming emotionally involved. It's not fair, everybody's so MEAN to her.
Still, at least she's got Kevin, the guy who stole her diary, then tore a week's pages out of it and phoned her up demanding a date so he can return them to her. This is creepy, yes, but also lovable. Apparently. I thought Americans were hot on restraining orders.

This is the second film (out of two) where two best friends discuss their relationship problems while at an exercise class. Is this because a room full of women bending over is intrinsically funny, or is this where writers hang out to get ideas? Like the way they make a writer called Kevin a hero, despite displaying literally no redeeming quality whatsoever. He follows her EVERYWHERE. As I'm writing this, he's turned up at her house uninvited, and she's let him in. This film is the stalker's manifesto.

He's found her cupboard full of bridesmaid's dresses, and now he's taking pictures of them touching them.

I feel like I need a bath.

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