Friday, 30 October 2009

FILM 8: LOVE ACTUALLY - Wicker's World

Martin Freeman is really good at playing that one character he plays in everything.
I want to hate this film so much, so why aren't I? It cant be fatigue, it can't be that simple. Has it happened? Have my defences been eroded so easily?
Some people have asked if I've cried yet, but like someone suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, I've been dry for hours. The closest I came to feeling the tiniest twinge was during 27 Dresses, but only because whatsherface had such a relentlessly unpleasant life, when she finally got married and happy… it was just… I was just glad… it doesn't matter.

Wicker. English people have a lot of wicker furniture too, apparently.


  1. Look I once tried to watch 27 dresses and lasted not far past the first dress......but I have watched Love Actually twice, because the bar scene is worth the entrance fee alone...

  2. Heh, the bar scene WAS good. THERE, I SAID IT.

    I have a bit of a 'thing' for her out of Mad Men.

    No, Ben Affleck, I don't mean my 'penis'. Not everything is about the trouser area you know, you vile little man.

  3. At the end of this ordeal I expect you'll be offered a consultancy role...

  4. God bless and good night (for the lucky few)

  5. I reckon if your missus has any compassion she will let you watch the 70's classic Harold and Maude as a romcom stevens soundtrack and everything...nothing like an octogenerian (sp?, it's late) and a late teens boy love affair for laughs

  6. She's ditched the Philadelphia Story because I'd enjoy it too much. She's a cold, hard woman. And she wonders why I'm not keen on romance.

  7. just be glad there is no "Ugly Betty - The Movie"

    and remember......we're going to need a bigger boat....and....that's no moon....and I've got a bad feeling about this (ok I was going to try and do a variety of movies but booze etc limited me to one Jaws quotation and 2 from Star Wars, although strictly speaking it's about 15 from Star Wars)

  8. That's probably precisely the reason that I kind of cried in 27 Dresses... because everyone was just so vile to her. And then I got all self-pitying and substituted "her" for "me" and turned into an emo for the rest of the film.

    I wonder if you're going to have to watch Imagine Me & You, just to mix it up a bit with some lesbian love.

  9. I'm with Will Self. This is a vile vile vile film. It's like Curtis set out to try and extract as many emotional responses from us as possible to show how pathetic we are. Well I'm not falling for it, you big posh sod.

    And there's always a disabled character in his films for the "aw" factor. It's rancidly cynical. Four Weddings has Hugh's deaf brother, Notting Hill features Gina McKee in a wheelchair and Love Actually features the American woman's brother. And Bill Nighy has spacky hands. Even The Tall Guy - which is genuinely great - has the blind old neighbour.