Thursday, 29 October 2009


OK, I've had my first wobbly moment. Went to the bathroom and immersed my head in a sweet, sweet cold sink of water. I suppose it looked uncannily like I was drowning myself. That jug of coffee was a really, really bad idea.

So it's just as well I didn't know I was going to have to watch Gigli.

I'm not one to judge, but this could possibly be the worst film ever made.

It might pick up. Everyone else in the world who's seen it could have been wrong.


  1. When a criminal lesbian, a tough-guy hit man with a heart of gold and a retarded man become best friends following a hostage situation (accroding to IMDB).

    1/ Didnt know being gay was a crime
    2/ People who kill people DO NOT have hearts of gold
    3/ Im not sure the word retarded is PC anymore.

    Im guessing all those people who have seen it werent wrong...oh and it's got Ben Affleck in it.....

    Enjoy.... :-S

  2. It feels a bit like being in a hostage situation just watching it. And it's almost 2 hours long.

  3. Hey, he's basically trying to rape her now.

    "What about me is not your type?"
    "Your penis."

    No need to re-write that first draft, that's gold.