Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 2: 27 Dresses - When will it end?

I was warned about the Bennie And The Jets singalong scene, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Jane and Kevin are drunk in a bar, Elton comes on the radio (not literally) and within moments, the whole bar is singing and dancing. I have definitely been going to the wrong bars all my life. Actually….no. This is a bar I never, ever want to be in ever.

Although this sounds like the film is a cheesy singy fun-romp, it is in fact anything but. It is amazingly bleak, the story of a lonely woman who's only friend is her stalker and who hates her sister. After being humiliated when her stalker accidentally humiliates her in the ""New York Journal", she deliberately ruins her sister's wedding in revenge. By telling the groom that the sister secretly eats meat.

"You cannot start a relationship BASED ON LIES!!"
"Yesterday you were my sister. Today you're some bitch who cut up my mother's wedding dress."

I've already spotted that all RomComs have the bit about two thirds of the way in where it all goes wrong and we wonder whether anyone will ever be happy again. But in a sick way I'm missing the frothier formula, because there have been surprisingly few happy moments in this relentless sob-fest. It's RomCom in a minor key, and I've never felt so low.

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