Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 2: 27 Dresses: The first 20 minutes

I miss Matthew McConaughey.

So, Katherine Heigl is a wedding planner who spends her whole life planning weddings for other people. I haven't watched much of the film yet, but I'm GUESSING that this might indicate that she's lonely inside.

Luckily, after getting knocked unconscious by an overzealous bouquet-catcher HA HA HA she meets, er, James Marsden. I know it's not fair to judge someone having only 'met' them for 10 minutes, but the man is a charisma vacuum. He's an investigative reporter looking into, er, the phenomonon of modern wedding planners. He's actually stormed into his editor's office (Jan from The Office) and demanded that he investigate this story. It's very much like All The President's Men, if Robert Redford had been a cockswaggering scrunchy-faced fat-lipped man-boy with the smuggest smugginton face on the planet. Called 'Kevin'.

Also, Katherine Heigl has a kooky friend. She's also a slut, so we laugh at her ha ha ha for being shallow ha ha ha while rooting the large-faced but oddly appealing Heigl. But you all secretly want to be the kooky friend, don't you girls? Don't you??

Do ALL women have kooky friends? Why don't I have any kooky friends? Oh. My. God.

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  1. Anthony: If you don't have a kooky friend, it is because you are the kooky friend.