Thursday, 29 October 2009


Well, we're over the hump. Less than 12 hours to go until the sweet embrace of sleep, but we've got plenty of films to get through together. We are in this together, right? Right??

So, Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston, 1997. This is another one pre-recorded off Channel 4, pleasingly the announcer descibed it as "perfect RomCom fun." That's quite a boast, and quite a promise, although considering The Unpleasentness I've just witnessed, this is going to feel like Battleship Potemkin. And Battleship Potemkin had more erotic chemistry.

Wow, Jennifer Aniston looks young, although she is slightly melon-headed. It's also nice to see Kevin Bacon, especially with his hair in lanky grease mode. However, Aniston and Bacon have met during the title sequence, so the pieces are in play. Let's see how this game of draughts plays out. Checkmate.

I see the kooky friend role, sorely lacking in Gigli, is filled by
Illeana Douglas, who, it turns out, isn't Jeff Goldblum's sister. Which is surprising, because she really looks like a female Jeff Goldblum.

In a good way of course. Jeff Goldblum was pretty hot in The Fly, and Earth Girls Are Easy.

Jesus, who drinks Lambrini???

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