Thursday, 29 October 2009


Well, instead of a critically acclaimed and heart-warming modern tale of teenage pregnancy, I have Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullocks. Produced by Sandra Bullock, apparently.

Well, we're opening with Sandra protesting against some building getting knocked over or something, and she is firmly established as a headstrong rebel. In the next scene, she orders chinese takeaway. "Yes.... it's a meal for one" she tells the restaurant over the phone. Even though no takeaway service on the PLANET would ask how many people's its for. And, in my experience, chinese takeaways have a disturbing knack of knowing exactly what you're going to order before they even pick up the phone, especially if you're as pathetic and predictable as I am. She should move to Acton.

Anyway, Hugh Grant's on the scene now, and I've laughed at THREE of his lines. What is going on? WHAT IS GOING ON??

Tell you what though, he's a greedy CEO of a giant corporation, she's a fiesty young (pft!) protestor against corporate greed. When these two get together... you better watch out!!!!!!!!

David Haig has been cast as Grant's brother, although he couldn't look less like Grant if he tried. They both have a 'British' accent I guess.

I must go now, Sandra's kookiness is turned up to 11, and I'm all aboard for a laugh riot.

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  1. I've seen this film and I'm a man! I left a scary movie at the cinema to sneak into a none scary film, because I was scared, and this was the one I ended up in. I had three cans of strong cider hidden about my person and it was a great film.