Thursday, 29 October 2009

Film 3: SEX AND THE CITY - The wedding's off!

"When Big 'colours', he rarely stays between the lines."

And with that, I wet-belched into my mouth.

The problem with this film is that it feels like I'm breaking the rules as it feels I've already seen it. It's exactly as hateful as the TV programme, a grotesque homage to rampant spoiled unchecked greed. Half an hour in, and I feel nothing except a begrudging feeling of envy for these over-privileged vacuous harpies and their pathetic, self-absorbed manginess lives and genitals. The Taliban should use this in their recruitment drive.

Still, it's shaken up the formula by turning on the bleak "will they, won't they" dilemma 40 minutes in, with the arrogant assumption that we care enough about these cows to be upset that their nasty little plans, one of which appears to include stealing a chinese baby, are becoming unravelled.

For the love of god, please donate to AVERT if you haven't already, some good must come out of this.

You know what the problem with this film is? Nobody has a kooky best friend. Didn't they watch Failure To Launch?? Cuh!!!

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