Friday, 30 October 2009

Film 11: YOU GOT MAIL - Astonishingly bad

Well, I was not prepared for that, not at this late stage. First thing yesterday morning it might have been OK, but what a good example of a film going on WAY too long, and not just because I really, really want to go to bed now. What looked like a bit of mis-matched character sparring building to a climax DID actually build to a climax, about 30 minutes before the end of the film. And then Hanks and Ryan did what people do best in RomComs, and moped for a full half hour, before deciding to meet in a park and kiss. I'll be honest... I zoned out quite a bit... there's only a certain amount of romantic chemistry you can get out of reams of footage of two people typing, and they certainly milked it for all it was worth. V poor. V poor indeed.

On the home straight now.

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