Friday, 30 October 2009

Film 10: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - Awaaah

Yeah, Awaaah, that WAS a good film. A proper grown up film that, kept the characters simple and credited the audience with intelligence. Possibly more intelligence than you have after 20 hours of watching the telly and early-forming sofa sores, but high enjoyable nonetheless.

At this point, I'm so pathetically grateful for a happy ending. Come on Billy, run! You can catch her! Make it all worthwhile! You're made for each other!

And any film with Carrie Fisher in is a bonus. I just checked though, and Bruno Kirby died recently, which is a terrible shame. Obviously. He'll always be the Sinatra obsessed chauffeur in Spinal Tap for me, but the scene with the wagon wheel table in WHMS was aces.

None of this is very insightful, but I'm saving it all up for 3 hours' time when hopefully it's time to sum everything up. As it is, I'm going straight onto You Got Mail, and then onto whatever the last film will be.

Failure to Launch feels like a lifetime ago, and it's interesting that by far and away the best film of the night is almost 20 years older than most of the rest. Did I say interesting? It's probably not interesting. Is it interesting? No.

I'd eat more Milk Tray, but chocolates don't taste right at 5:45AM.

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