Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 5: TWO WEEKS NOTICE - Oh get a room...

The new episode of Grand Theft Auto is out today, and I'm stuck inside watching this crap????

I'm sorry. But after a genuinely enjoyable 40 minute romp with snappy dialogue and tight editing, we're back into the same old pattern of the bickering couple who are taking forever to get together. Did anybody in real life reading this ever end up with a partner because they argued with them all the time, every minute of the day? Also, the caffeine rush is causing me to focus intensely on Sandra Bullock's slightly weird face. What is it about her face that's ever so slightly disconcerting? Maybe that's why Hugh Grant's always bickering with her. Nimmy nim nim nim.

I dunno, why am I supposed to be on these people's side? Why am I supposed to care? She's given two weeks notice, but it's taken FOREVER. Two Weeks Notice? Two… weeks….. Two Weeks BORING more like. That'll do.

Donald Trump is in it too. If this film were a computer game, he'd be the end-of-level boss. Aim the cluster bombs at the wig.

I wish I were playing computer games.

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