Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 7: PICTURE PERFECT - Hold your peace

Having seen eleven weddings today, I'm frankly amazed that it took this long for the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" thing to come up. Here, Jennifer Aniston goes to win back the heart of the wedding video bloke (Nick) by going to the wedding he's filming, and BOTHERING HIM. Talking during the recording, nudging his arm... look, I'm sorry, I've filmed a wedding in real life, and that is just not acceptable.

To make matters worse, he tells her to leave him alone, and she shouts "no!"... and guess at which part of the vows she did it in.... that's right! Uh oh!!!!

Weirdly, nobody seems to mind this. Apparently this is some sort of wacky, zany incident, rather than a deeply upsetting one that devestates your wedding day. Then this selfish couple of wedding crashers have the BAD MANNERS to stick their tongues down each other's throat, BEFORE the married couple do, and everyone turns around and applauds!!! Yeah, because there's one thing brides love is being upstaged on their wedding day.

I'm sorry, but in the end, the narrative got implausible and silly, and that was NOT was tonight was supposed to be about. I've been let down. Badly let down. BOOOOOO!!!!

Does Red Bull mix with Lambrini? We're about the find out!


  1. Actually I've seen this and remember thinking the same thing, "Shut up! He's filming someone's wedding for god's sake!". Aaah, but its someone ELSE's wedding, not our feisty Jen's.

  2. You inspired me to watch a non-RomCom when I got home from work, to offset your ordeal. I watched The Transporter (recorded Mon night) - it was ok for the first hour but then it turned into a RomAction. And it's shit. There's some really bad acting in it. I had to watch another film just to wipe it from my memory. Unfortunately I chose Diary of the Dead (also recorded & unwatched)... I managed to avoid the Rom part but it was very cheesy. I feel let down by Romero.
    Kepp it up, you're doing great!

  3. a RomeroCom, now there's an idea.