Friday, 30 October 2009

Film 11: YOU GOT MAIL - Back to the formula

Woo, we're back. Right back down to the level where began, basically. Now I remember why Tom Hanks shouldn't do comedy any more.
Tom Hanks owns a large corporate book shop. Meg Ryan owns a, sigh, kooky small book shop. She hates him, he likes her, and they're 'emailing' each other without knowing who the other one is. What's going to happen when they meet? Well, I'm sure I'll find out.
Funnily enough, they haven't made much of the irony of them both selling boring old paper books when they love using email so much. I wonder if they're going to open a cybercafe together by the end? They are, aren't they. They totally are.

It's quite sickening that this whole film is a heavy-handed parable about corporate greed, when it's essentially a 2 hour advert for AOL. Everybody loves AOL.

Ooh look, the sun's coming up.

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