Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 5: TWO WEEKS NOTICE - Boldly going to where every other romcom has gone before...

Well that was quite the turnaround, what a strange film. I think I've spotted the flaw with literally all romantic comedies. You know for a fact that the mis-matched couple are definitely going to end up together, so you might as well set a stopwatch at the beginning and count down to the first creepy, noisy and slightly too moist kiss.
Does anybody actually enjoy watching kissing on film? It always looks wrong, like two slabs of liver sliding over each other.

Anyway, in the end Hugh Grant gives up all his riches to live in weird-face Sandra Bullock's apartment, which he can "walk across in 6 seconds"!!!, which is still bigger than my apartment Hugh. Come on Hugh, come round here and sit with me watching these films one after another, and feel the walls close in on you. There's no escape Hugh. We're not even halfway through Hugh. We're not even halfway through.

Also, bafflingly, the end credits for Two Weeks Notice use the same font as the Star Trek films. This is actually the most interesting thing I've seen for, ooh, well over an hour.

I feel ill.

I need to sort myself out.

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  1. oh Hugh... ... dreamy