Thursday, 29 October 2009


So Matthew McConaughey is 35 (!!!!) and still living at home. SJP is, er, older, and she's been hired by his parents to seduce him out of home by doing it with him. The whole plot is more than a bit unsavoury to be honest.

This is probably the perfect one to start with, all things considering. Handsome (but slightly razzled-looking) man meets, er, a woman. Man has wacky loser but lovable friends, and she has a kooky single housemate (Zooooey Deschanel). Banter ahoy.

It's definitely more Com than Rom, which is a shame because the Com thinks its funnier than it really is. It's got loads of those hilarious "I'm sure doing his work like a mature, sensible adult"... CUT TO: Him playing a video game with a child HA HA HA HA!

"I think it's really working out between us."
CUT TO: "She's got to go" HA HA HA HA HA HA

Also, a surprising amount of Farralley-style animal violence. Also, SJP is, frankly, a terrible actress. She's being acted off screen by Matthew Mcconaughey, and he's not exactly Laurence Olivier. Not sure why I like him so much though. I probably want him to be my friend.

A scene that's made me particuarly cross so far is where they're playing paintball and KEEP TAKING THEIR MASKS OFF!!! I know that it's a film and everything, and they think it's important to see the actors' leathery faces, but haven't they ever seen Byker Grove?? A few pellets in the eyes would change the tone of the film considerably.

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  1. "Duncan! Duncan! I can nee see anything man!"
    By the end of this I reckon you're going to want to fire pellets in your own eyes.