Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 1: Failure To Launch

Like the worst Christmas Day ever, I've unwrapped my first 'present', and appropriately enough considering it's the 'launch' of the marathon, and considering I stole the front cover for the logo of the website, it's Failure to Launch.

Oooh, 2 minutes in and they're doing sex. It's not even 9:05.

Kooky bongo music and Kathy Bates. I quite like Matthew McCoughnahey, he seems nice in interviews and that, so maybe this won't be so bad. It's not like there's anyone else in this film that I can't stand, right?

There was a trailer on the DVD for Mission Impossible III. Impossible, eh Tom? I think not. This is going to be the easiest 24 hours ever. I'm like Jack Bauer on his day off.

Let's watch the film.


  1. They're doing sex already? That's not much of a romantic story if they're rutting like teenagers within the first 10 minutes.

  2. It was sex to show what a terrible and shallow life he has before he meets SJP.

    It looked awful.