Friday, 30 October 2009

Film 12: Miss Congeniality - Last and surprisingly not least

Ha!! Well... I enjoyed that. Sandra Bullock over-acts as the tomboy FBI agent who goes undercover at a beauty pagent, hosted by William Shatner, to find out who's plotting to blow it up with a bomb hidden in a tiara. On the way she's taught how to be a beauty queen by Michael Caine, like Educating Rita with tit-tape.

Yes, I'm practically delerious from lack of sleep and romcom sensory overload, but, pfffft, its heart was in the right place, the correct amount of tongue in cheek, and it had WILLIAM SHATNER and MICHAEL CAINE slumming it, doing what they do best. Sandra Bullock did fall over a lot, in fact that was the punchline to a huge number of the scenes, and, well, thinking about it objectively, it was probably complete rubbish, but it was my LAST FILM and it's over! It's over! I'm free! I'm free at last!!!!!!!!

So, to summarise.....

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