Friday, 30 October 2009

Film 10: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - Thumbs up

It's an emotionally vulnerable time, that's for certain. Film 10, and I'm actively enjoying it. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the last few posts, but bloody hellfire, how rubbish is Bridget Jones? Very. Very rubbish.
I blame Love Actually, actually. While it was by no means a great film, at least it didn't linger on any one character long enough for me to grow the deep, lingering hatred that I got for the diary-wielding whingester. I wonder if it's because it's film written by a writer, about a writer. Hmm, unlike those other films which aren't written by writers.

But look at this, this is a genuinely warm and enjoyable film. Americans are SO good at writing dialogue, the couple of abominations I've seen today excepted, that snappiness without having to be apologetic for being smart. It's very Woody Allen, Harry/Sally, isn't it? Well, Woody Allen before all that unpleasantness of course.

Actually, I'm starting to wish Billy Crystal would shut up for a bit now.

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