Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 5: TWO WEEKS NOTICE - Gotta love Hugh

"You had sex with her in our marital bed!"
"Well I knew how worried you were about getting anything on the sofa.."

Best line of the day, who'd have thought it would come out of Hugh Grant's mouth?

It's a surprisingly post-modern film… Sandra Bullock is now Hugh's personal assistant. She's maid of honour a wedding, he texts her with "EMERGENCY - PLEASE COME ASAP". Does she phone him up to find out what the problem is? No, she abandons her friend to get into a madcap rush across town. You know like in sci-fi films when someone in sickbay calls the Captain, "Captain you'd better come down here." "Why?" "You'd better see for yourself."
NO. Phone ahead. Always phone ahead.
"Why did you leave a wedding? I didn't know you were at a wedding" says Hugh when it's revealed that he couldn't choose what pair of trousers to wear, HA HA HA!!

Seriously though, this isn't that bad. Well, it IS that bad. It's pretty terrible. But it's not Hugh's fault. I like Hugh Grant. I also like Matthew McConaughey. Is there a film with both Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey in? There should be.
Heh, they've even done a accidental blow-job scene with Hugh Grant. I want to pinch his cheeks.

I've had quite a lot of strong coffee.

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