Thursday, 29 October 2009


Not sure what to make of this, it looked AWFUL in the trailer, but... well, let's get into an open frame of mind. I did enjoy my holiday in Greece.

It nearly didn't happen as the DVD is Region 1, but love finds a way. I've had to unplug and replug some SCART cables for this though. I hope my chores weren't in vain.

I really wish I hadn't finished that bottle of Metaxa weeks ago. It would certainly come in handy now.


  1. Oooooo...this movie is great! You've totally inspired me to come home tonight and have a rom com fest. Not all night though....because that would just be stupid :P

  2. it's a shame she doesnt look like my Greek mate that's a movie I'd watch...but I am truly convinced that apart from the Prada one your missus has metaphorically shot her bolt by going for all the truely worst movies of that genre early. I just pray for your sakes that she doesnt own Briget Jones Diary 2 The edge of reason becauseI would rather die than sit through that nonsense again.....because she knows someone posh she gets out of the Bangkok Hilton??? Yeah that would happen.

    And if you feel any weakness just think....what would John McClane do...he wouldnt give up...he'd keep going. Good luck...

  3. They eventually made this into a TV series, you know. I don't think it lasted long.