Thursday, 29 October 2009

FILM 4: MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING - My 4th wedding of the day

Where is the will-they, won't-they? I mean it's a nice film, and I am very, VERY grateful for something to laugh at after the previous 6 hours of misery, but now…. I need a bit of misery. Be careful what you wish for I suppose, apparently the next film's a stinker.

So, having raged against endless arguing and whinging, I find myself craving it again. My masculinity has been so bruised and battered I want to be treated rough. It turns out my feminine side loves being treated mean. This is quite the journey of discovery.

Just so you know, the next film WAS going to be Juno, but I decided to over-ride it, as I realise it means a lot to the people who've donated (and you can donate here) that I'm miserable. Well, I aim to please.

And by the way, my glasses look AWESOME.

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  1. Still very lucid. A couple more hours and the babbling will start.