Thursday, 29 October 2009


God, half an hour has gone already, what can I write? After the, and this isn't too strong a word, the EVIL of Gigli, watching Picture Perfect is the equivalent of being comforted by a strong fireman after being forced to set fire to your trousers.

"Mom… I was with a man… I was with a really beautiful man…"

Heheheh, she called Kevin Bacon beautiful.

Caring, understanding parents. is one of the key to a successful RomCom.
In Every. Single. Film I've seen today the main character has strong, compassionate parents you can say words like 'sex' to. Dads especially seem particularly keen on their daughters being married off to the first sharp-cheekboned lethario who steps over their doorstep. It's the oddly formulaic heart of any romantic comedy. For that matter, every character lives in the same town, if not the same street as their parents. No slightly awkward phone calls when their parents phone them at 8:30PM and they have to pretend not to be drunk, although at least real-life parents don't take such an intrusive intrerest in your sex lives. Give me a romcom with parents who find sex slightly sickening, as they should. It's just not British.

She even washes and cuts her mom's hair. So did Norman Bates.

In THIS film, Kevin Bacon only sleeps with women who are already in relationships, so Jennifer Aniston is making up loads of lies about her phantom boyfriends so Bacon will sleep with her. This is an entirely accurate and realistic depiction on the male psyche.

I can't wait for him to find out that the young and beautiful Jennifer Aniston is single and available. He's going to go mental.

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