Friday, 30 October 2009


Meg Ryan again!! Must remember that this is not the film I just saw. Completely different character. Same actress, different character. Even though she's acting in exactly the same way.

Tasty CGI New York title sequence though. What year was this made? 1998? Really? God this is making me feel a bit old, the internet in this film looks like its from the dark ages. I know that computers in films are always ridiculous anyway.. I love the computers in CSI that when they're going through a recording of a murder or something, and they listen back to the waveform, and the computer goes "beepbeepbeepbeep" underneath the sound, because on screen computers must be as noisy as possible.

Early morning bad observation comedy about computers there. Maybe in the next post I'll drop in some zingers about font sizes.

Looking forward to this film though, I'm interested to see how the concept of email can carry a whole film. Besides, I like Tom Hanks, he's a safe pair of hands.

Just remembered Joe Vs The Volcano though. That had Meg Ryan in it as well. Hmmm.



  1. at least Meg Ryan wasnt in Volunteers....her part was played by John Candy possibly..

    But fair play to you, you've stuck it longer than I thought you would....that's worth £20 of anyones this case mine...

  2. Ha, I'm glad to be of service! Thank you so much!